Global PredictTB Meeting 2019 in Shanghai

From 23 to 25 May 2019, the global PredictTB consortium convened for a progress and networking meeting in Shanghai, China. Meetings bringing together the overall consortium, including management teams, take place every year and serve the purpose of coordinating project activities at the global level.

On the first day, the consortium assessed the progress of the clinical study, which included an interactive session with case reports, updates on the use of specific tools in the trial, evaluation of treatment plans, an analysis of the correlation between baseline PET/CT scan and CXR, and a report on data processing. In addition, the study principal investigators convened for a detailed discussion of time planning and milestone assessment, which also touched on financial status and further planning.

Overall, significant progress was reported with regard to patient recruitment and trial implementation. Investigators and management teams were in agreement that the positive momentum should be seized to keep up the good work. Maintaining the current level of quality and pace of activities will help achieving the goals of the study to develop a smart set of TB treatment stopping criteria and a point-of-care device to measure immunological markers that can contribute to the decision making.

The three-day meeting in Shanghai also included a visit to Suzhou, a historic city to the west of Shanghai known for its canals, bridges and traditional gardens, and a small symposium on TB including speakers from the PredictTB consortium.